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Sustainability can be quite challenging, in today's urban lifestyle

As interesting as the subject of sustainability looks to most educated individuals today, putting it to practice is a different ball game altogether. In our fast-paced life today, one would find it challenging to practice sustainable alternatives in its many forms and avatars. From sustainable shopping to sustainable travel, from organic food to healthy practices, from conserving water to managing waste - where does one start?

We've made it simple, accessible and personal for you

We address this sustainability conundrum by doing all the hard work to break down sustainability for you, the urban citizen. We have considered the typical challenges you face, to practice sustainability day in day out. We have built solutions centered around you and are willing to be walk alongside you. We are in it to win it.

Explore our fun and game-like experience that has been pre-baked for you. Make it your own sustainability journal, your own sustainability tutor, your own sustainability mate.
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